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Andrew Robida

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I make Fast Websites


Not only will your website be up and running quickly but the website itself will load and navigate with speeds that are nearly instant. This keeps your customers engaged instead of waiting for loading screens.


A lot of websites suffer from bad SEO due to not understanding how to optimize for the web but my websites are optimized from the start. I do not ever build a site with bad SEO. I use test that come straight from google in order to ensure that your website meets all criteria and has excellent SEO.

Mobile Design

My websites are completely custom and I control everything pixel by pixel and because they are custom and I follow best practices and web standards performance is not sacrificed. Every single piece of your website will be controlled so that it looks consistent and good whether its on a 65” TV or a 4” Phone.

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My experience & toolset



Developer Tools

Html, Css, Javascript, Nodejs, Reactjs, Sveltejs, Nextjs, Gatsbyjs, Sveltekit, and more...


Design Tools

Figma, Sketch, Photoroom, Canva, Graphics, Svg, Video, Upscaling

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What Can I Do For You


I provide web development services for building, modifying, or rebuilding websites. I also deal with listings for google and yelp to ensure your business gets the exposure you need. I can also integrate your site with all kinds of services that are already part of your workflow.

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I Stand By My Work




Head of E-commerce

My new website is fantastic. I am extremely pleased with the design and functionality. Andrew took the time to understand my needs and as a result developed a site that met my goals. My customers appreciate how fast the pages load and how easily they can find the content they need. Additionally, my conversion rate has significantly increased essentially paying for his services itself. An exceptional developer; and working with him was one of the best business decisions I have made. I stand behind his work so much that I felt an obligation to recommend him to other business leaders in my industry.



General Manager

Andrew developed a slick new website for my catering business. The new site is super-fast, with a clean, fresh design that has proven to be a highly effective marketing tool for our business. Our sales are up 15% for Q1 2019 (when (compared to 2018) and traffic from Google (organic listings) has doubled over last year. I am very happy to recommend Andrew!




Andrew is the best. He is fast, efficient, awesome to work with, and extremely knowledgable.

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