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As you can see in the comparison picture this was a drastic site redesign on a GoDaddy website using an outdated website builder. Most of the text content was carried over with minor changes in verbiage and context.

old website audit vs new website audit

SEO Boost(It's Not Just For Looks)

This redesign did a lot more for the website than just making it better-looking. It raised the Google Lighthouse audit score pretty dramatically also which can have a huge impact on your business's user engagement, SEO, and even profits. The new website scores 29% higher overall on the audit but what does that mean for my client?


Having higher scores will 100% most likely increase your user engagement. Why? Because having a website that is better organized, faster, more accessible, and mobile responsive will inevitably lead to more people visiting your site and sticking around longer. Poor design plays a big role in why we choose or not choose what products to use. So just like the old saying goes if it smells clean and looks clean, it probably is clean.


Like it or hate it SEO is a part of modern business and sadly even modern website builders are not that good at it. They have limitations in what you can do to increase SEO. Off-page SEO has to do with your overall score. Well before a customer even goes to Google to start the process of looking you up Google's web crawling robot has already indexed your website and ranked it accordingly so, in short, the lower your score the lower your chances are of being ranked higher in Search Results.

Old site design vs. new site design

Increase Your Profits

I will not go specifically into this client's profits but let's say for example we have a business that uses their website to generate leads for services they provide. Now let's say that this business makes an average of 100k a year in sales strictly from website sales. If they increased sales on their website by even just 10% this would result in an extra 10k profits yearly meaning any invested efforts or cost associated with improving your website will definitely pay for itself. Its been proven time and time again that increased scores yield increased profits time and time again.

Sources: The business impact of Core Web Vitals

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